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For you, we are taming new technologies. We squeeze them dry to take what’s best and most gripping about them, to reforge them into your business’ success. Execute and implement IT projects, create mobile apps with complex functionalities with us and remember you can always consult our highly experienced team of experts in the technology industry.

Who we are

We are a dynamic, creative development studio based in Toruń, Poland, a group of people who bravely fight for the IT industry to grow in the part of the country all the computer programmers out there seem to have forgotten about. We work with global clients, providing them with comprehensive solutions, ensuring clear and long-term benefits for their businesses. Creating mobile apps for large offshore projects is as crucial to us as the more regional initiatives we partake in that need juicy and functional technological solutions of their own.

We care for a long-term and fruitful cooperation with every client. Our top priority is having good communication and meeting even the most individual needs, which work best for achieving our clients’ business goals. Globe data is a dynamic, constantly developing team of people who are not afraid to face new challenges. After all, ”[h]e who moves not forward, goes backward” and in this respect the IT industry is ruthless and takes no prisoners.

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We created a solution for the entertainment industry. A universal console which allows you to organize and ensure attractions will proof useful both at wedding receptions, company events, carnival parties and many more setups. It is also fabulously easy to use, because all the user needs to control it is their own smartphone. We’ve designed SmartBox in two variants, a physical one and a cloud-based one.

Our solution eliminates the necessity to organize a large number of attractions from different sources. SmartBox is an entire set of fun games and functions you can adjust and personalize, depending on the circumstances it is used in. Our console uses the generally available mobile technology and the internet to spread fun, innovative entertainment fit for the 21st century.




Get to know the reinvented photo booth. The way PhotoBox was designed, it showcases all the possibilities 21st century technology has to offer, combining proven technology with innovation in the form of a large number of modern functionalities. This solution allows you to change a photo background, scan QR codes and control it via your mobile phone (by both the operators and the users). Our photo booth 2.0 may be controlled by a single person, who is able to setup the equipment quickly and easily and then dismantle it with the same ease. They can also decide, when the device is turned on, and when it is put into sleep mode.

PhotoBox can act as a standalone tool to provide entertainment (it allows you to take group photos with cool filters) but it can also become an integral element of the games offered by SmatBox (printing graphic nick nacks for kids in the form of pictures, coloring pages acting as a reward for scanning a QR code while playing a game of Treasure Hunt for example).



Get to know Crazy Crane – our mobile games development studio. It gathers a passionate group of people, who love gaming and spend their free time with a pad or a console in hand or at a table, over a board game. Pulling an all-nighter to research current trends is a sacrifice the members of our team are always glad to make. All this in the name of keeping it hip and edgy and actually killing it when it comes to suiting the tastes of gamers all over the world (it’s not like they shy away from doing that kind of a job!).

Crazy Crane specializes in creating the hyper-casual genre of mobile games. We want the entertainment we propose to be as engaging and as satisfying as possible. So what we prioritize is stunning graphics, rich visual effects, an intuitive controls system as well as dynamic action. All this an more can be found in our newest titles: Hyper Glide and Cyber Ball Dash.


Tell would tell us hare and hounds is a game of the past and only scouts still play it at summer camps. They couldn’t be more wrong! Zbierz Drużynę is a mobile app that combines traditional field games and modern technology. This tool revolutionizes such industries as the event industry, tourist industry and education. It does great supporting everyday work of event organizers, travel agencies and teachers.

We were inspired to create this type of product by the growing multimedia entertainment market. Mobile games using interactive maps of the terrain as well as elements of adventure and role-playing games were becoming more and more popular. This is how the app that allows you to visit cities and green areas at the same time having an adventure, solving riddles and puzzles came to be.



Tourism should not be falling behind, especially as we observe a clear technological leap which covers many areas of life. Tupik is the answer to the need to change tourism in Poland, while it also has the chance to win over foreign markets. Its main task is to enrich the traditional form of a sightseeing tour and add interactive elements to it, such as a hiking trail with tidbits, movies, photographs and music added to it.

A tupik is a small, inconspicuous device that send a signal to mobile devices thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It can be placed anywhere and you can be sure that it would be operational for years to come. Thanks to the tupik devices , which in turn connect to mobile devices and are located in just the right places you can tour entire cities and green areas in an interesting way. That’s 21st century tourism.

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